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recovery HD and bluetooth


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Dear All,


I successfully managed to set up my system with fusion drive and latest clover. I'm using a bluetooth dongle to which I connect apple's magic mouse and wireless keyboard. Although this dongle isn't a 4.0 LE, it supports the keyboard already during boot process, i.e. in UEFI and clover boot screen.


Now I want to complete my setup with a working recovery HD portion, which I also managed fine. The only thing that doesn't work is bluetooth.

This means I have to plug in a usb mouse and keyboard, when booting into recovery.

I agree it's really not a big problem, but more of a cosmetic issue  B). Still it would be great to get it working there, too.


I wonder if it is at all possible to activate the bluetooth there or if I should better put this aside and be happy? 

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