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USBMSC (non-unique) error followed by "Still waiting for root device"

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Hello all,


I have recently installed [censored] Mavericks on a AMD Phenom II 945. The installation went fine, however when it came to the first reboot post-install, with verbose mode, I get the USBMSC error followed by "Still waiting for root device". When installing, I chose the nForce chipset and checked the box "Totally Fix still waiting"; this did not work. I've tried many boot flags such as -x, -f, PCIRootUID=1, etc. I've tried booting from the USB and it didn't work! Please do help!




AMD Phenom II 945

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 650 Ti

10GB RAM (2X4, 1X2)

Latest BIOS revision (F6A)


I've checked on the web and it says to enable AHCI which when I checked doesn't support the motherboard!


Thanks in advance!

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