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Mavericks Re-Install Problems (Post-Boot White Screen)


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Hardware Specs:


AMD FX 8350 + R7 260X


1) Install 10.9 using Niresh (Yosemite Zone gets stuck in boot loop)

2) Successfull. Everything (Sound, USB3.0, USB Tether etc.) works.

3) Swap out incompatible R7 260X against out-of-the-box compatible GTX660 OC

4) Have a fully working Hackintosh (CUDA support etc.). [GTX660 OC requires GraphicsEnabler = No]


5) Crash System, lose some data and be unable to boot.


Now the Hardware specs are: AMD FX 8350 + GTX660 OC


1) Try reinstalling 10.9 with Niresh

2) Successfull.

3) Upon booting (POST!!!-Init (i.e. don't suggest -v or -x please)) -> grey screen of death.



Nevermind. If someone on the interwebs happens to have this problem, I'll create a tutorial.

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