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OSX Yosemite (Hackintosh Zone Distro) doesn't boot installer

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I have: 

1. AMD FX 8350 CPU at stock speed 

2. Gigabyte GA990FXA-UD3 Revision 4 motherboard with the F3i Beta UEFI/BIOS update

3. EVGA GeForce GTX 660 3Gb Graphics Card (I'm using the DVI-D Connector)

4. 1 2TB Seagate HDD and 1 160Western Digital HDD (I want to install OS X on this one)


I have the OS X Yosemite Zone distro on my 8Gb flash drive.

My computer can boot to the screen where I'm asked to type in boot flags.

Since I have an AMD FX CPU, I type -amdfx -v


However, after pressing "return", it starts loading a BUNCH  of files (takes about 20 seconds) , but then it restarts my computer. I don't know what the last line is because it moves very fast, and then reboots my computer.

I've tried -f, -v, -x, -F, etc.. but none actually boot the system.


I remember a while ago, I installed a Niresh Distro, that mostly worked, but I don't remember which one it was.


Any help?


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I think you have just to type amdfx not -amdfx, because when you type -amdfx it loads a kernel named -amdfx

If I type it without the the dash it says, "Can't find /System/Library/Kernels/amdfx

Press a key to continue..."

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If I type it without the the dash it says, "Can't find /System/Library/Kernels/amdfx

Press a key to continue..."

I've got the exact same error on similar hardware. Did you ever manage to solve this one mate?

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Which bootloader are you using? Clover, chameleon? Try filming it and see what is the last line before the reboot. Also, I don't recommend using distros like niresh or anything else. Use the search, there are really great tutorials in this forum on installing hackintosh.

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