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hi all


i have intel 3000hd (dev id:116) and can't inject dual link.



i installed mavericks(niresh distro) everything works except my intel 3000hd. my resolution is 1024*768 if i use these kexts,(https://github.com/dcazorla/hackintosh-kexts-asus-n55sf/tree/master/10.8/Video)  my res is 1920x1080, but doesnt have qe/ci. i can't open videos on my pc, or play any game etc.


I'm trying duallink. my boot loader is chamelon and for getting native DSDT, I'm starting with DSDT:Null boot flag (if ı don't do it, MaciASL extract pre-edited DSDT file, if ı do, it shows SYSTEM-DSDT


so, when i try to patch, always take errors (i attached my screenshot), with DSDT Editor, got same errors again.


where is my problem? i just click patch button, select Duallink.txt, apply, then compile. but always get errors. Cant get i native dsdt because of my screen resolution? or what?


thanks for advices.




Thx for your help!


I will try when i go back home. But i have one more question:

Now i freshly installed mavericks(niresh), didnt add any kexts and i move all graphic kexts of ati,intel,nvidia. If i dont do it, it doesnt boot.

So now my resolution is 1024x768, if i install these kexts(https://github.com/dcazorla/hackintosh-kexts-asus-n55sf/tree/master/10.8/Video) my resolution is 19200x1080)

Should i use kexts with your dsdt? Or just dsdt is enough? Or another intel3000 kext?

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