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My keyboard hang the system

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I installed Mac OSx86 10.4.7 on my PC :


AMD 64 3200+


1,5 go DDR

6800 GS


Mac works fine but if I hit the keyboard, hit a letter or other, it's hang the system.

so do you know where the problem comes from?


That's strange because on VMWARE, OSX works fine even if I hit the keyboard.

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Try this:


Boot into single user mode. When you boot OSX, first the screen turns black and then goes to grey with a spinning icon. As soon as the screen turns black, start tapping the F8 key quickly and repeatedly until a command prompt appears. If you get the grewy screen, you missed it, try again and be faster.


At that command prompt, type: -s


This will boot you to single user mode which is a command line environment.


At the command prompt, type:


mount -uw /
cd /System/Library/Extensions/
chmod -R 755 ApplePS2Controller.kext
chown -R root:wheel ApplePS2Controller.kext
cd /System/Library
rm -rf Extensions.mkext
rm -rf Extensions.kextcache

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@ Wallet, I have the same mobo as you have. I also had only ps/2 keybaord and USB mouse. I didn't get my keyboard working other then in single user mode. I just went and bought an USB keyboard wich works fine.

I guess a ps/2>USB converter should also work

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hi jackhair,


I saw that you have the same motherboard as mine.

what have the 10.4.8 version, I installed the 10.4.7 but I thought that 10.4.8 was only for pentium, Am I right?


You arrive to do working the Nforce 4 network?

what was your method?


Another question about the Macvidia driver, I Launched the installer but I had set "open with rosetta" for the installer.

I Reboot but the systeme did'nt boot anymore.


how did you install your macvidia driver?


maybe It's because I set" open with rosetta"...

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You can find the 10.4.8 AMD upgrade on Demonoid.


I've used the forcedeth driver for my nForce4 network http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;hl=forcedeth


About the MacVidia driver: I just installed it using the installer, the only thing I needed to do is add a screen mode to com.apple.boot.plist or I'll get "out of range" from my monitor.


Audio worked out of the box, it only doesn't show info at System Profiler.


Good luck getting it going :2cents:

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Ok I desactivate "USB Legacy support" in the bios.

THe keyboard don't work but it don't hang the system anymore.


the Network workes great B)


My printer too :)


The Macvdia driver too :P but If I want to set a other resolution, it make a permantly graphic bug

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