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Dell Optiplex GX280 - Graphic problem


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I have an Dell Optiplex GX280.


I have tryed to install OSX 10.4.7, but it didnt work at all.


OSX 10.4.6 works, but the graphic is not supported. My graphic card was supported is earlier releases.


I have tryed to combinate the setup, OSX only runs when I use Intel Combo ONLY or Intel Combo AND GMA900 - it works: but the graphic is not supported.


I tryed to upgrade the system to 10.4.8, it worked - but the graphic still doesn't.


I read a thread about how too fix your graphic, on this forum, but I didnt have the files that should be changed.


So, what too do? Every little word is highly appreciated!


Thanks for your time!


Best regards,


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I also have dell optiplex GX280.

I have installed MAC OSX 10.4.8 on my dell optiplex GX280 succfully !

Everything is good except that it cannot use broadcom netxtream gigabit lan adapter.


Bye .....

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Im sorry that im asking a question in your thread by you appear to have a working system minus the Vid-- PLEASE tell how you got your NIC working


I have the os x 10.4.3 Patched and jas 10.4.8 patched. Both install on the gx280 fine but neither has a working NIC driver.




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