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Ed "FullMetal"

OSX internet sharing, Clients Cannot Access Samba Shares

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Okay, Im not nearly THAT cheerful.


I have been searching and trying for the last 3 days to get my HackBook, to replicate on simple windows task. 

Sharing my Network from the wireless chip (stolen from the other pc) to the ethernet port. Searching on google for hours and hours on end for a possible solution. I have only been able to find people not able to get it working entirely.

My case is contrary, It works wonderful. For internet. Precisely what I could careless about. The client computer here is directly attached to a projector and is little more than a movie player. The problem is when it is a client of OSx ICS, it cannot find any other computers. (Windows 8.1). The server (Windows 8.1 smb) is found by the Mac with no issues as with every other device on the network. though i can ping the server successfully from the "Client PC" using its IP it seems impossible to get it to show the smb server.

If i reverse the roles and make the windows computer do the ICS task. the network is simply patched right through with all the servers intact. And both Mac and Windows Clients can find and connect to the server.


This is a rather important feature for me, as I do tech work and do not have easy network access on my bench, having a computer receive the wireless and pass it on helps immensely because all my installers can be left on the server for use. but OSX seems incapable of performing such a task.


Constantly having to transfer the wifi adaptor back and forth is getting to be a major pain in the ***.



Hp Folio 9470m
OSX Yosemite 10.10.1

Built in ethernet.

RTL8192CUS Usb Wifi.


Win Server

WIndows 8.1

Asus Sabertooth Onboard Lan

8 core fx8350

16gb ram\


Projector computer

Dell SSFF.

Optiplex 750

onboard ethernet.


Can anyone help me.


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