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Clock Gains time after wake-up


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Hello All:


I have a situation where my system gains time every time it goes to sleep and wakes up. I hate having to set it to GMT since I am on PST (-8 GMT).


It is a single boot system, 100% OSX86...no dual boot to XP or anything else.


Config is as follows:



Celeron D 3.06 (Socket478)

1GB Dual Channel PC3200

ASRock P4Dual

120GB Maxtor SATA

Sony 8X DVD-RW

OSX86, Generic Installer Patch, and Maxxus 5c patch after install.



I followed MAC Girl's advice on the GMT thing, but WTF...I am not dual booting. Any ideas?


BTW: If I use a different OS it doesn't do it.


Thanks in advance.

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