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Printing UIWebview content

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I can print the content of my uiwebview but it prints on two page, how can I scale it down to fit one page ?


My code:


@IBAction func printWebPage(sender: UIBarButtonItem) 


   let url = MainWebView.request?.URL

   let stringurl = url?.absoluteString


   let pic = UIPrintInteractionController.sharedPrintController()

   let printInfo : UIPrintInfo = UIPrintInfo(dictionary: nil)


   printInfo.outputType = UIPrintInfoOutputType.General

   printInfo.jobName = url  


   pic!.printInfo = printInfo

   pic!.printFormatter = MainWebView.viewPrintFormatter()

   pic!.showsPageRange = false


   pic!.presentAnimated(true, completionHandler: nil)


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Hi there,

I am also a newbie iOS developer and am not very sure whether this will be helpful or not but I read about this recently and think that this may work in your case. You can set the print preferences in UIPrintInfo and then there are a handful of settings on the UIPrintInteractionController that you can configure before displaying the printing UI. You can use printPaper UIPrintPaper: A simple type that describes the physical and printable size of a paper type; except for specialized applications, this will be handled for you by UIKit.

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