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Don't know if my system will support osx86


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hello everybody i am new to this forum i just signed up and know quite a bit about osx86 due to reading alot about but i don't know too much so i want ask a question will my system support it!?! here are my system specs i got this custom made for me:



I have an ASUS Motherboard K8N4-E it supports AMD Socket 754 Athlon 64/sempron processeors

I have AMD Athlon 64 3400+

Chipset:NVIDIA nForce 4 4x


2.41GHZ 1GB DDR RAM Made up from 2x DDR 512 RAM

Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce 6200 Turbo cache 256mb video memory

Bus: PCI Express x16

Hard Drive: 200GB free space 76.6GB

CD Drive:Writemaster DVD-R/R-W

Audio:AC97 realtek audio.

And one more question: which iso do i use i don't know so i am downloading about 4 of them i'll tell you the names: 1. MaC.OsX.10.4.5.Universal.Install.DVD and says in brackets INTEL_AMD_SSE3_SSE2(Downloadin in shareaza)

2.Mac.OS.X.v10.4.4-5.DVD.Patched_by_myzar(Downloadin in eMule kind of slow)

3.Panther (3 iso's of orgiginal install discs)(downloadin in azereus slow but almost done)

4.Mac.OS.X.Tiger.10.4.6.x86-HOTiSO (downloadin in azereus slow but almost done)



Thanks anyone who can answer this :2cents::offtopic:

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Hello guys i have figured a way to run it and i did i tryed The mac os x 10.4.6 hot iso walla perfect i installed it in about 20 to 25 mins and my only problems were my ethernet connection and wireless connection for the internet and the video card werent working properly and i freakin P**ed my pants!! I had tried everything i know for ethernet connection and wireless and i also tried the tulip darwin driver nope no help cause i couldn't extract the contents to get the tulip.kext file cause i dont know any thing about bloody UNIX and doing much in a mac terminal i know a few ms-dos things but not much and pretty good with windows than mac os x and UNIX but becuase i like it and thought doing this stuff was interesting so i did it but as i said i have problems with ethernet and wireless and video stuff my ethernet card is part of the ASUS-K8N4-E mother board with the NVIDIA stuff.... And if anyone has MSN could i have it if it is alright so ican talk quicker because it takes quite a while to get answers and i don't mean any offence to anyone if they think that i think they are too slow or anythin ok :D:)

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Did you get SATA to work?

and the new 10.4.7 iso recognises the nForce ethernet (it did on my P5ND2-Sli)


For the ethernet...check under your system information if it shows any ethernet at all.

Go to "About This Mac" Under the apple icon, then click on more info, and on the left side you will see network or something similar (im at work so dont know exactly what it says) if it shows your ethernet there or your mac address under EN0, you need to do the en0 > en1 trick.

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