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Need help with an old build (Dell Inspiron 1300)


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A friend of mine gave an old Dell Inspiron 1300 notebook cause he was going to throw it to garbage since, as he said, is too old and only can run at decent speed one OS: Windows XP.

I tested it, and he has part of true. I installed Ubuntu on it, but only runs Ubuntu forcing PAE at boot (which is a tech disabled in the processor this notebook has: 32 bits Pentium M (Dothan) 725)  So, forcing PAE is not really a solid solution, and got a lot of freezes.

Then, I Installed the last version on Debian on it (7.6.0). Runs a bit faster than Ubuntu, BUT is a pain in the ass to make the wifi card work. Why? Well, this notebook came with an old b/g mini pcie card which I replaced with a Broadcom (rebranded as an Apple one) a/b/g/n card that I had stored. Ubuntu made it work easily with proprietary drivers, but Debian needs a lot of "commands" which I´m not intented to do.


Then I tought, since this rebranded wifi card is totally compatible with OSX, I can try to install OSX and see how it goes.


I knew certain things of this notebook:




    - Is a 32 bit only processor. So I must use arch=i386

    - Needs a legacy kernel, and the correct one for it is the Nawcom Legacy Kernel. So I used mach_kernel_legacy

    - This processor has a 16x multiplier so I need to use a busratio=16.




    - Has an Intel GMA915/910 graphics card (Which was compatible in 10.5)




    - Has an IDE interface totally compatible with OSX cause is ICH6


So, with all that data I was as naive as possible to think that I could install 10.6.3. Is a no way.


I tried the installation buring a Chameleon CD with a legacy kernel on it and then putted the 10.6.3 original CD on it and NOPE

I tried restoring the original 10.6.3 CD to a pendrive, install Chameleon, set the pendrive correcly an NOPE.

I tried a 10.6.8 portable USB installation already had, changed the correct thing an NOPE

And I tried so many other option that I don´t want to write now.


I don´t now where to look. As by now I have dark eyes, an almost divorced wife, and a lot of "hackintosh stress"




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