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ameris cyning

I'm back and I need some advice

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Howdy y'all!


So I have been gone for quite a bit. Ended up falling out of love with the Hackintosh thing for a bit. Now, I have decided that, what the hell, I have nothing else really to do.


My new Haswell machine arriveth tomorrow, so I am just getting a-warmed up.


Now, this post does actually serve a real purpose.


I have a Radeon R9 270. Now, from what I have read, it can be a {censored} to get working on OS X. So, I want a good alternative, and cheap, preferable AMD, and near the same performance. If you can help me then, well, I appreciate it



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Just need to use a DSDT/SSSDT edit to inject the device ID and thats it. 


Thats not the problem. The problem with my setup is that I dont have an HDMI monitor. I am using my 27 inch iMac as a monitor, and it only has Mini Displayport input. From what the guides have said I must use internal graphics as the primary graphics device. And, as I do not have an HDMI monitor, nor does my machine have a DP or Mini DP for integrated graphics, well, I am kinda up {censored} creek here

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