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Mac Pro 1,1 10.10.2 Update

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I had my Mac Pro 1,1 running 10.10 and on the system attempted an update install to (I believe 10.10.2).  When it rebooted I got the blinking ? folder. 


So to diagnose I booted back into 10.7.5 and discovered the boot.efi had been created and modified in the update in both /System/Library/CoreServices/ and in /usr/standalone/i386/.

I tired copying over Tiamo's boot.efi again (and repairing permissions etc.) but receive what looks like a kernel panic on boot.


Any Thoughts would be appreciated.  I really need the system back.  

Your HW may be too old.


minimum:   Graphiccard must be QE/CI able

i have  success with these old cards:   Nvidia 8600GTS   and ATI 5450 


also memory may need 2G+


Try: Chameleon or Clover loader (try different versions)


Newer version may not be the best option.

Post the KP message. Pike may need to update it for the latest version of Yosemite or something. As an alternative for now, Clover will work but it takes more configuration. Basically you just set everything to be identical to your hardware.

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