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Websites & downloads stops/stalls


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Hi, I have 10.4.7 Jas installed as the only OS on my pc, on a 32GB partition. Everything works fine, except that when surfing the web in safari, it only loads half of the website contents, and then completely stops. The blue statusbar at top also just stops halfway. Some websites work (this one for example), but most of them don't. Same problem with the mac version of firefox.


And downloads from websites do not work either. Upon clicking a download link for let's say mac messenger, nothing really happens. Only once did the actual download start, but it stopped a little bit more than halfway done.


Does anybody know what could be the problem? I'm using ethernet, realtek i think it is, and it worked 100% when I had the dual boot setup of osx and windows xp (worked with osx/vista as well). Don't see how that could be the problem though, since everything else works just fine.


Thx in advance!

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