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Screwed Up my Install


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well i did this fix(http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=517&hl=xbench) to try and boost my xbench scores and to speed up my disks but it messed up my computer and now when i boot into mac it has this picture of the circle with the line through it. when i boot in -v(verbose) mode it says still waiting on root device. here are some pics.


is there any way i can fix this and make it so i dont have to reinstall everything?



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Try to boot in single user mode (-s -x), mount the disk and try to revert what you have done.


Or if you got some space left on your HD, you could setup another primary partition to make a second install of JaS OS X, and boot from that one. Then you can easily fix your primary install, and even setup a backup method, so your primary install gets replicated on the second. Its called cloning. I use it alot when testing new releases and stuff, to avoid to have to reinstall each time.


Check out my blog for some instructions on how to set it up, (it's in my sig).


Hope this helps.

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Booting with -x puts you in safe mode. Booting with -s puts you in single user mode.


Booting with both together is nonsense - it can't go into both modes simultaneously.


To fix your problem, boot into single user mode (F8 at boot followed by -s).


At the command prompt, type:


mount -uw /
cd /System/Library/Extensions/
mv AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext.disabled AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext
(you might get an error on this next command, be sure you typed it right and ignore the error)
mv IOATAFamily.kext.disabled IOATAFamily.kext
cd /System/Library
rm -rf Extensions.mkext
rm -rf Extensions.kextcache

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