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Hi, when my GPU  pstates change from a state to another one, I have a flickering in my lcd similar to this video with a real macbook:



My nvidia geforce 9800m GTS works perfectly, using all pstates of 168mhz, 275mhz ,400 mhz and 600 mhz, but, every time they move from a state to another, the flickering appears...


Could you help me?


Does it's an issue in the agpm configuration?     (With Windows all works good)


Any help will be appreciated, thank's in advanced

Have you modiefied your AGPM? Or is it vanilla?



I use dsdt.aml patched for my nvidia 9800m GTS, that it's recognized as GFX0... Into my Smbios plist I use macbookpro 5,1 and into the file info.plist of AppleGraphicPowerManager.kext, at the voice machines/mabookpro5.1, there is GFX0 agpm configuration...


When I use the notebook with powersupply, the minimum frequence remains only of 400mhz so the flickering will be only if the GPU change to the maximum of 600mhz


If I unplug the powersupply, the GPU works with all frequency, 168mhz, 275mhz, 400 mhz, 600mhz; So the flickering is most frequent and very annoyng... (Istat menù show me that also gpu's memories frequency change)


If I connect the notebook to an external monitor, the gpu stops  the frequency frozen to the maximum of 600 mhz and max memory of 799mhz,  so I never have the flickering...



I attach my IoReg:


I see that you're using Graphics Enabler? If that's right, try to boot without it. Or vice versa. And then we'll figure out something else.


No i'dont... My Nvidia is enabled directly by dsdt.aml... However I've tried also without dsdt and with graphic enabler  but it's the same problem...


I also installed nvidia web driver, but the issue remains...



It's very frustrating when I've to use the notebook in battery mode without  external monitor



I made other tests with AGPM ... if I remove completely agpm.kext, all frequencies work anyway ... This leaves me to think that the frequency management and probably what causes the flicker occurs elsewhere, in some other kext ... However, it may depend on what you need to make some changes in the dsdt.aml? As mentioned, also removing my dsdt.aml and starting with graphic enabler = Yes, the flicker is still ...

Meanwhile, look at what Apple had released for laptops MacBookPro 5.1 with a 15 "screen (characteristics of all very close to my hack):




the efi firmware apple is going to be installed in the folder:

System/Library/CoreServices/firmware Updates 

So the flickering was a real problem of the software respect macbook hardware close to mine...



So, I also tried different profiles of macbook pro once since the patch was specifically referring to macbookpro5,1 (the profile which I use) ...
Even with different profiles, flickering persists... :(


I also read  this:




Now, on the basis of the above, kindly ask you "how pulling from Windows, the Edid, and then how I inject it in OS X?"



the info about my monitor (taken on Windows 8.1 by Aida64) are these:


--------[ Monitor ]-----------

[Quanta QD15AL022 ]

Monitor Properties:

Monitor Name Quanta QD15AL022

Monitor ID QDS003E Manufacturer QUANTADISPLAY

Model QD15AL022

Monitor Type 15" LCD (WSXGA+)

Manufacture Date 2005

Serial Number None

Max. Visible Display Size 331 mm x 207 mm (15.4")

Picture Aspect Ratio 16:10 Maximum

Resolution 1680 x 1050

Gamma 2.20

DPMS Mode Support None

Supported Video Modes: 1680 x 1050

Pixel Clock: 119.23 MH



From what I know Quanta pruduce monitors also for apple ...

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