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Italian Laptop Keymapping

Rob D

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I have installed OsX86 on two laptop, both exhibiting the same issue.


I am using the Italian-Pro keymap, everything works except I have no verital pipe and / (but the other way) - I can't type it as I am using the laptop keyboard. That key (on the number line next to one), gives me < > symbols. The <> key doesn't seem to produce any output at all.


The <> key is between the shift and Z, so could well be the type of keyboard setup that MacOS wants to know about when we plug in an USB keyboard it doesn't know about.


I tried to create another keymap file using Ukelele, but the <> key doesn't seem to produce a keyscan at all.


Anyone have any ideas? Using both a PC and Mac USB keyboard works fine. I think I would be happy with a seperate xml file in /Library/Keyboard Layouts for the laptops.



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Sorry to follow up to my own post, but it looks like no one had an immediate answer.


Anyway, I found Ukelale which allows you to remap keys. Using this I remapped the \| key onto the <> key, which puts that key in the right place.


Unfortunetely the <> key just doesn't seem to produce a key scan, so I remapped < to the ,; button and > to the .: button. To get these keys you need to hold down alt gr.


Enclosed is the new keymap which can be dropped into /Library/Keyboard Layouts.


You need to logout and login before OSX recognises it.


I tried to remap to the 8 and 9 keys, but these are dead key sequences, the [] buttons are already fully loaded.


enclosed, hope this helps..


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