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Problem picking drivers for the graphics card for Macbook Pro

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So I'm new to Macs and I'm having a problem picking drivers for the graphics card for my Macbook Pro when in Bootcamp. I am running Windows 7 on a 15" Macbook Pro Retina from last year. The graphics card is a GeForce GT 650M.

I few month back I mistakenly installed new graphics drivers since I had some issues with my screen resolution. I since solved the issue with the screen resolution, but the new drivers were probably the wrong ones and the brought me a new problem. My computer works fine until I let the computer go into standby mode and the screen shuts down. When I then try to start it I get the blue screen and a error message regarding the my NVIDIA drivers. Can someone please tell me what drivers I should install? I have googled it myself, but clearly I did not do a very good job first time around.




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    • Sbagli... ripeto coppia in L/E o coppia in EFI Nel dsdt non c'è nulla che possa bloccarne il funzionamento, potrei aver solo un problema di port limit riguardo alle usb quindi prova aggiungendo in EFI usbinjectall però mi raccomando di essere preciso sull'uso dei kext per il BT Non so se avevi già letto ma comunque qui https://bitbucket.org/RehabMan/os-x-brcmpatchram trovi sia la info sia i kext aggiornati
    • @Gengik84  i kext sono aggiornati e messi nella partizione efi per il BT ho cercato in rete e come detto nei precedenti post 2 sono in efi ed uno in l/e.  Potresti dare un'occhiata alla mia efi  e le varie patch dsdt magari c'è qualcosa che non va... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1d7qfHs3KYEWANjtSlKyR29aEbgTFsytd   Grazieeee
    • Hi,  as per your guide, I have purchased the Wifi+bluetooth card you recommend twice! i can't get bluetooth to show up or work. Wifi is working though. I can assure you that i have my USBs fixed properly. still no luck with bluetooth. doesn't even show up in system pref.    "I'm using an original >> Apple BCM943602CS WIFI+bluetooth module and adapter, this has native support in macOS High Sierra and needs no kexts / drivers. It works out of the box!"   My setup is very similar to yours:  mobo: asus z370 F gaming  i7 8700k  gtx 1080ti    please advise me further!    much appreciated 
    • I had it working without any kext or inject when I installed sierra but my Geekbench scores where low and had some video playback issues. I'll try giving it a shot again without any frame buffers or kext and see if I can get it to work.    Also do you know if my MB has CSM? I don't see it on the MB website. 
    • @AceMcLoven R9 270X and R9 280X don't need anything to work in a Hackintosh, I have a MSI R9 270X and it works 100% OOB without any injection or selecting the framebuffer if I set InjectATI=True or select a framebuffer Futomaki it will go to black screen. Don't inject anything in the Graphics section. You don't even need the RadeonDeInit either, just make sure that the CSM is disabled in BIOS/UEFI. I've been using HDMI and DP ports and both work ok.