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How to boot OSX using windows bootloader.

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On the first disk I have Windows 8.1.

On the second disk and second partision I have an OSX.

I tried to make it with EasyBCD but it didn't help me. Becuase it can only supply with a title for a new entry

and choose something between mbr and efi.

Can I have Easybcd pointed at the patch of bootloaders files?


I also find a tutorial


As far as I understand it doesn't work without grub4dos, if that's the case, I don't like it.


So it is posible to conect Windows 8.1-bootloader to the boot file of Clover or Chameleon directly?

If yes, what command should I use in command line? I know it should look like this


bcdedit /set {хххххххх-хххх-хххх-хххх-хххххххххххх} device partition=D: (it seems to be as a disk, not a partition)

bcdedit /set {хххххххх-хххх-хххх-хххх-хххххххххххх} osdevice partition=D:


But what about second partition?

PS OSX was installed on mbr-disk.

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In my Hackintosh Experience, install Clover directly to the hard drive.  I don't remember the exact PKG option, but if you want to choose between Clover and Chameleon, here's what you have to do:


  1. Backup Chameleon's boot file from the root of the partition to the desktop.
  2. Install Clover, making sure to select the alternative MBR.
  3. After installation, copy the backup of the boot file from Chameleon to the root of the drive as "boot1".
  4. Using EasyBCD in Windows, select the Mac OS X option, title it whatever you want, but make sure you select the MBR one (even if your hard drive is partitioned GPT.  Even if it doesn't look like it, the EFI one will NOT work on a PC.)
  5. To test booting with Clover, simply select the option for OS X and wait.  The Clover GUI should come up instantly.
  6. To test booting with Chameleon, select the Mac OS X option, and anytime when the cursor the black screen is blinking, press the 1 key.  This will load Chameleon.  Either method will work with OS X.

Yeah, I ran into that tutorial, too, but it wasn't helpful to me at all.  While you weren't installing grub4dos (you were simply chainloading it to load a new menu for OS X), the Clover option didn't work at all.  I hope I help others who are also looking for a method like this!!

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