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Dual booting


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I have researched galore and cannot find the solution to my problem. I have xp pro and installed 10.4.7 via vmware. Everything installed fine (chose the right opatches and stuff) and then installation completed and prompted for a reboot. At this time i figured it was necessary to actually boot osx. However I cannot???


I have installed acronis boot selector and only xp shows up???? I also have vista insalled on a seperate hd and that doersnt show up either. I have tried to add both the osx and vista partitions but acronis just says that no operating system was found.


Thus I cannot boot into OSX any ideas?


I have


amd dual core 4600

ecs kn1sli

1gb ram

geforce 7600gt

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Try this:


Go to the Acronis boot window.


Right-click on the Windows icon and select Copy.


Right-click on this new copy and select Properties


In General Properties, give the icon a new name


In Partitions, click on the OSX partition and then click the Active box.


Save it.


Then double-click on this new icon.

as per ramjet.
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I did as you guys suggested......seemed a little weird because when i selected my xp and copied it the copying process took almost 15 minutes. After that I made sure that the OS X partition was selected as active and changed the name and icon. I booted from this new OS and it went to the same windows boot loader and thus win xp.


I dont know if something may be wrong with my acronis??? Beacuse as i stated earlier I aslo have vista installed and it does not get detected by acronis either. The harddrives are detected obviously in the acronis menu and acronis denotes them as have a flag (which means that it detects some type of OS). However whenever I try to add a new OS thru the os detection wizard all i get is a message saying that no new os's were found.......?


I just need a way to boot the parttion that OSX is installed on.....but sincce it is a diff partition on the same physical hd as my xp i cant just say to boot from primary HD.

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I myself am doing this at the moment installing 2003 server i dun wanna use fat32 cuz this is something I plan on using, so NTfS it is...... when its done next up to bat is resizing the partition or creating a 20gb partition for OSX :gathering:


I will update and let you know how it goes stinger

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