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(Solved)Problem with Xeon e5430 Harpertown

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Help need please for this issue:

I follow this method for overclok my system



Everything is fine,cat soket,Xeon is as home now :hysterical: run on Windows 7x64  like crazy :thumbsup_anim: on GA-G41MT-D3

But....on Maverick 10.9.3 i have BIG problem :drool: .....

System run fine only if i boot with one core(or two)etc-cpus=1 or 2

If boot with all  4 cores Mavericks freeze imediantly :w00t:

Me use all smbios plist like MacPro 3.1etc 5.1,xServe 3.1but result is the same

With nullcpu power managament kext result is the same

Why not enable full 4 cores this Bast****rd? :hysterical:

Anybody?Thanks alot :thumbsup_anim:%

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