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Bangho (argentinian brand) runnig 10.9.2 with user DSDT

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Hi people!

I recently purchased a notebook "Bangho"

Specs here (http://www.bangho.com.ar/producto/i7-518)

It comes whit i7 3632qm processor and i think the mobo chipset is HM77

I managed to build my DSDT using MacIASL and DSDT Editor and some random patches i took from here and there

i end up with a no error no warnings no optimizations dsdt.aml and then i make from that the ssdt with my core specs

after replacing the AppleintelCPUpowermanagement.kext with de newest patched one i have a clean boot BUT

no keyboard
no touchpad
on welcome screen

i can use USB mouse and keyboard and hit the pass so i can enter my os

but then:
no sound
no airport
and much more no's

at this point i really dont know if i have to install some extra kext o replace some i already have in original os installation

or if i have a lot of work to do inside my dsdt in order to enabling all this things?

anybody can direct me in the right direction??

i'm not an expert, only a very obsesed man with a thing TO DO in mind!

thank you all


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Hola (hello)


Gracias por la informacion, a esta altura uno ya se acostumbra a vivir la vida in english


Hice la misma consulta en el sitio tonymac86 y RehabMan me dio una respuesta interesante. Mi principal duda es: si yo empiezo a añadir kext patcheados voy a tener problemas de estabilidad o problemas cuando quiera realizar una update oficial?



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You need to type in english here, we're in the english section. You may post in both languages if you want, though it's a bit of a chore.


Rehabman is right in that it complicates things a bit during updates, but it depends on the importance of the patched kexts. For example, an audio/USB/bluetooth patch is no problem compared to a power management one which may trigger a kernel panic at boot. What kexts have you patched already? Why patch AppleintelCPUpowermanagement.kext? Remember Clover can apply kext patches on-the-fly and can even apply several patches to the DSDT for multiple purposes, like enabling AirPort, fixing HDMI, etc. All this automation makes updates a breeze.



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Sorry for the delay


Using patched AppleIntelCPUPowermanagemente is not necessary at all?


What i did: install mavericks with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and extracted dsdt in first boot and applied patches for laptop (most from Rehabman repo and some others) fix errors compile and then also made a ssdt and smbios with mac pro book 9,2 system definitions


After that i install a mavericks patched AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement


Is there other way of doing it? how could i prevent from changing that kext?


thank you for your answer


PD i'll try to post in spanish section too



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I don't know if it's necessary to patch AICPUPM on your system, it depends on the motherboard and I don't really know much about laptops, but Rehabman should definitely be able to help you with that. If the patch is only applied to the binary then Clover could apply it on-the-fly without touching the original kext.


What have you tried for the WiFi and sound? Do you know the specific models? If you don't know, upload an IOReg or DarwinDumper report so I can take a look.


Regarding the PS2 keyboard and trackpad, did you try the Voodoo kexts already?

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