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iAtkos Reality

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Hi everyone ,


this is just a reminder for Distro's Users such as iatkos ,Most of Developer and Hackintosher Said "Who Know what is Hidden in Distro's ? Spybots,malicious software ,Trojan, Malware etc ?

latest iatkos M has encrypted files who knows what in it and asking for required donation for things which he has not created just collected all works of Different Developers .Developing means Sharing and Caring "i definitely know lots of member here can make best distro's ,me too :thumbsup_anim:  :thumbsup_anim: :lolz: :hysterical:  :hysterical:  but we don't want to create a battle of Distros and also oppose to apple policy and illegal ..yes he is on way to Tmac 

 i was searching torrent and Found this post-1326389-0-35911900-1400214175_thumb.png


linking torrent is breaking rule I'm not going to do this. i respect Developer plz support them instead of wasting time on {censored}tydistro's  ,get rid of them ,



PS: Admin your decision was right to stop iatkos support ,i appreciate this ,

idk where to post this then i posted this here you can freely move wherever you want if have rights . :yes:  :yes:  

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Hackintoshing came in existence by distro's, but people such as iAtkos has changed reputation of distro  and invented a money making machine, now distro's are bad in every manner.  Always make a vanilla installation you will get some knowledge of OS X too.

One limitation to distro's is support.  The "developer" can't even support it because (s)he has no knowledge generally on what (s)he put in the distro other than a limited knowledge of It's affect on the system.

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