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Can't boot from FireWire Externel HDD


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I just recently installed 10.5 on a firewire 400 externel HDD (Maxtor) on my ibook G4. At first i used the OSInstall.mpkg method, but that didn't work (BSD Subscript install froze) so I used the method of restoring the .dmg image onto a partition. So i took my externel HDD and made tow partitions:MAC OS X Install and MAC OS X 10.5. I resored the image on the MAC OS X INSTALL partition (Erase destination was selected, and the FS was MAC OSX Jounaled. the boot option was apple).


So, I now have a empty partition for the OS and the disk image on the other. I went into the sysprefs and changed the startup disk to the install image on the partition. HERE IS THE PROBLEM!!!


When I reboot, the apple screen comes up but it's a blank white screen. no little apple, no progress circle. in about 10 mins the ibook decides that it can't boot from the device and boots my tiger install on the ibook. My one question is this:



How do you boot off a Externel FireWire HDD? It won't even reconize it. I even used the 'option' key, but just my os 10.4.8 install appears. What am I doing wrong?

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