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[solved] Unmirroring displays when clips are inserted

Invisible Ink

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Troubleshooting my installation with clip to join pins 1-6 and 2-12 of external display connector, I then cheched the "Mirror Display" in display preferences panel. A blue little screen appeared and now I can boot only in safe mode.

Without -x parameter at boot (even with -F) I can't boot correctly. I think I have to enter some configuration file and remove the option of display mirroring.

I tried in com.apple.boot.plist and in com.windowserver.plist but I can't find the option. Maybe it is in some different config file.

Please help me.

Many thanks


P.S. In my 10.4.5 installation I do not have the application to see .plist files in very useful tree style. I only can edit .plist files in text mode. Anyone knows how to get this feature back?




Solved. I had to boot into safe mode with clips, then remove clips and attach a real 2nd display, MAKE SOME CHANGES to get everything as I want, then restart.

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