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An idea for a new Forum

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Hello all,


Don't take offense to this, but I want to start a new OSX86 forum. And I want it to be different. I'm tired of tonymacx86's (where I spend most of my time) stealing and strict ridiculous rules and I'm a bit put off by the sheer volume and clutter that is IM. OSXLatitude seems to be alright, but they also seem to want/stress the need for donations (granted they do provide a service).


And that's where my *idea comes in, a forum for the community, by the community.


  • Not for profit
  • Ad free
  • All site Donations (If I decide to accept them) will be split among project developers (Chameleon, Clover, etc) or to the Developer(s) of your choice.
  • All users will  be allowed to link their personal paypal email to their account, so in the case they provide top notch support, they have the possibility of being rewarded.
  • Why help someone for hours just to help tonymac earn money? Where does that money go? Certainly not the developers.
  • This site WILL NOT stress/incline you to donate in any way, because it's not about the money.
  • If someone feels like they should pay for the help they've received, only those involved should receive those funds, not me.
  • All original credit given. No name changing, stealing, or copyright.
  • All original works (if any) will be open source, and I will  encourage anyone who posts their works that they do the same.
  • Everyone is welcome.

I believe this fosters and environment that both encourages premium and engaging colaboration (the good kind) and allows the community to be a driving force behind project development through possible donations, bug reports, and just general feedback.


What I'm proposing is the hopefull end to to second rate support and a forum that truely makes everyone feel at home.



I'm willing to host this, but I would need interest and a crew. I will be updating this post, I just have class right now.


Edit: Sorry for the {censored} formatting.

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