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King Yourii

Please Just Help me i'm stuck Mountin Lion 1.8 {Pci Configration End} After Installation

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hello every body ...


i was trying to install osc on my laptop

Brand : Acer TravelMare 6292
Cpu : Intel Core2due  T7500 2.2Ghz, 800MHz FSB, 4 MB L2 cache
Vga : up to 358 MB Mobile Intel Graphic Media Accelerator X3100
Ram : 4GB DDR2
Hdd : 500Gb Segate Belong To Apple Laptop 

i was facing a lot of problems ... and mostly

PCI Configration End 

i passed it by replacing a patched file into my usb Installer



and i installed it without any errors by MyHack


after i installed the OSX Mountain lion 1.8 it's said installation Completed or somthing like that


and it was to restart


the laptop screen gone black and i can hear my HDD Working and that was for a long time ....


i restarted it manuly and when i try to boot i got the same problem

PCI Configration End 

how can i put my pathed files again ????


i have MacDrive Pro programme on my Windows PC it let me move files in and out my Mac Partition but sure it can't fix the promisions


and things like that



please any one tell me what can i do ... is there any something to do ????


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thank you so much for replay


i fixed it .... thank you so much .... i had to attach my laptop hard driver to my pc and i moved the patched file to E/E then get it back to the laptop and run my fix from my USB Installer and reboot after end and i can login now good and my Bios Reset Gone and my laptop sleep working just looking for some kext like video ,lan ,wirrless ,webcam ,fingerprint and bluetooth if u can help me to know how to get them ... my laptop is Acer Travelmate 6292 4GB ram and Core2Due 2.2 4MB Cache and my Vga is Up to 358MB Mobile Intek Grapgic Media Accelerator X3100 ....

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