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AppleUSBOHCI issue

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The last line I get when booting OSX I just installed is:


USBF: 5.822 AppleUSBOHCI[0x4217000]::CheckSleepCapability - controller will be unloaded across sleep



And that's it.


Installed with OSX86 ModCD using the modbin kernel


My specs:

AMD A8-3870k

8GB DDR3 1600MHz

ASUS F1A55M-LE board

Gigabyte R9 270X


Two SATA devices connected, DVD drive and HDD


Installing to a spare 80GB SATA drive I have, controller is in AHCI mode


Tried turning legacy USB off to no avail. Using a PS/2 keyboard also with no USBs plugged in and it still hangs


Tried the USBBusFix flag to no avail, same with -f -v



Can anyone help me with this?




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