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4k 60Hz on Late 2013 (Haswell) rMBPs


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The capability of outputting 4k@60Hz is possible on the high-end 15'' Haswell rMBP with Nvidia 750M. (Previously it used to be possible only on Windows via Bootcamp, but with the recent 10.9.3 beta releases now it is also possible on Mavericks)

Whether lower-end Haswell rMBPs without a discrete graphics card, i.e. 13'' rMBPs with Iris and low-end 15'' rMBP with Iris Pro are capable of outputting 4K@60Hz on Mavericks or Windows is not known yet. There are conflicting Intel documents regarding Iris's and Iris Pro's capability of 4k@60Hz.


Therefore I need someone's account who had a hands-on test with a Haswell rMBP without discrete card and a 4k 60Hz monitor and tried outputting this resolution at this refresh rate on Mavericks (as well as Windows via bootcamp if it is not capable on Mavericks)-- if it does 4k @ 60Hz on Windows, then this would prove that the card has such capability, and I would always hope that Apple will eventually make it also capable on Mavericks with a future update. Also, accounts from 13'' owners with Iris are preferable because if they can get 4k@60Hz on whichever OS, I will deduce that if Iris can do it, so can Iris Pro.

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