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Advice: Choose your sleeve carefully and wisely!

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So I'm sharing my sad story to warn people about sleeves for their macbook pros.


Many people think that a sleeve is the best thing against accidental drops, well I'm here to show you what this sleeve did to my beloved macbook pro.


Macbook pro was inside the sleeve, which was inside my backpack. The backpack did not have any padding at the bottom and it slipped of off my hands, falling from waist height.


This is what my mac looks like now:






This is the offending sleeve, which I bought at NYC Apple Store, paid top dollar by the way:








Seriously, a product that was supposed to protect my 2k gear did the opposite. It did not provide any protection and it actually made things worse. THE ZIPPER WAS ACTUALLY CARVED into the aluminum. Imagine if it wasnt inside the backpack. Haha the damage wouldve been even greater.


I bought this case on a trip to the US. If I lived in the US I would sure sue them. Unfortunately I don't expect anything besides having to spend tons of money in spare parts and tons of hours in order to reallocate the internal components (the whole computer in other words).


This post is more of an alert to people so they pay extreme attention when choosing a sleeve. If it has zippers, make sure there's a thick layer of material between them and the laptop when you close it. 


I should've just bought a ACME made neoprene, maybe it wouldntve prevented the denting but sure there would be no zipper marks on my macbook...

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Oh no! Soooo sorry man. That really sucks. I have noticed after working on my macbook pro's insides that it's def no tank. Thanks for the advice.

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