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Hello Everyone.


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Hello Everyone, Lehsyrus here.


I find it funny at how many people didn't even read the first sticky hahah!


A bit about myself, I am a college student and an electronic musician (if I were to call it anything I suppose). I make music for fun, but eventually want to become more involved with the process and run my own company helping people with their audio-related issues with home studio's.


Right now I am designing a Hackintosh that will suit my needs, I have built many PC's in the past but for a first Hackintosh build this is proving to be fairly difficult. I plan to do all of the hardware completely on my own, though when it comes to software I am sure the wonderful members here can help hahah. I'm also designing a custom case for my liquid cooling system to have a negative pressure design with airflow as well, and dust traps. Acrylic and aluminum here I come!



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