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AMD 64 3200 on ASUS A8N-SLI

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Hi all


I'm only posting for those people who had same config like knows that 10.4.5 rulez


I have this:


Motherboard: ASUS A8N-SLI

Sound:Working perfectly

LAN: Working perfectly after installing Forcedeth patch

Firewire: Recognized but not tested

SATA: working, but each time i got in Windows, startup checks for errors in disk, and i dont see one of my HDD


Processor: AMD 64 3200+ I-don't-know-what-core-is


Graphics card: GeForce 6600 256Mb from Aopen: No QE/CI, but i'm able to change resolutions and refresh rates after installing the awesome autoinstaller from MacVidia.


Bluetooth: I got one of the cheapest Bluetooth dongles in the market, like 14€, a Conceptronic usb dongle, and it's recognized, but not tested yet (i only have my mobile phone, and i forgot to test it.


DVD-RW: Pioneer, i dont remember model, but recognized and working


Well, this is my config, and this is working! Tomorrow i will grab an X700 saphire only for a test from my work. If it enables QE nd CI, i will think seriously in buying a X1600 and a mac keyboard....


This is GREAT!


AH, only one last thing, I DualBoot my WinXP/Linux with grub, but i have MacOs in my Master HDD on my Secondary IDE, and i can boot from it with no installation of nothing, only pressing BootMenu key t startup and booting from those disk. No bootloader, nochanges, no risks at all,.. And working perfectly!


Thanks to all those guys who loose his time for giving us a chance to use MACOS in our Intel or AMD machines....





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