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Hackintosh can ONLY boot from USB?


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A few month back I upgraded my ML hackintosh to 10.8.5 with the following steps:


1. Install Combo Update DMG

2. Installed ##### 5.2.1 (ML)

3. Installed Chameleon bootloader to my hard drive boot partition.

4. Reboot.


If I let it boot from the hard drive boot partition, it will crash & reboot by itself at very early stage of booting process.


Now I can only boot from a bootable USB stick which I installed another copy of ML. When booting from the USB stick, at boot partition selection screen, I could select the hard drive OSX partition then the OSX on hard drive will come up. This really bothers me. 


I've tried to reinstall ##### & Chameleon multiple times but still can't boot directly from the hard drive partition (it still crashes and reboots). Every time I need the help of bootable USB drive with OSX to boot the hard drive partition. 


What could be wrong? 



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