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PCI SCSI card for Mavericks

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I got a weird Gigabyte GA-H61N-D2V Mini-ITX-board, which has socket 1155 and supports 16 GB RAM, but has directly on the backplane an serial and parallel port. And, it only has a PCI slot, no PCI-Express. Amazing thought, you can put in a Core i7, but only a PCI graphics card ;)


But this board is ideal for my purposes, I need the parallel port for my eprom burner and the PCI slot for an SCSI port. Is there any PCI SCSI controller which is supported by OSx86 10.9 ? A 50 pin - SCSI 2-Adapter would be enough. I often read something about the Adaptec 29320A controller, (PCI-x format, dual-port 80pol. LVD-320, one 50pol flat ribbon connector onboard), but I don't know if it works in 10.9.


Perhaps somebody can help me.


Thanks, naquaada.

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