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Asus S400C Success Install 10.9.2 Mavericks

Ozzy Oz

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Great thanks to Pokenguyen and Dubzseed who helped me with OSX USB Installer setup.  I am enjoying OSX Mavericks with full graphics acceleration, audio, touchpad working and USB wifi dongle working.    I would recommend a custom or Vanilla OSX Mavericks install but you can also use Niresh version which works fine except you won't get full graphics acceleration.  http://www.niresh12495.com/files/file/75-niresh-mavericks-for-intel-and-amd/

This stuff may not make sense at first but trust me you will understand.  


Once you either Install Niresh Mavericks or use Vmware to run OSX, you can make a Vanilla USB installer from inside their.  You will need to get the full untouched Mavericks OSX from the Apple Appstore once you can boot into Niresh or Virtualbox/Vmware and use that to make a clean USB installer.  You can use terminal commands or Myhack to install Mavericks 10.9.2 but you will need to do that from a computer running OSX so you can start with Niresh first and use that to download the Myhack installer to create a USB installer for 10.9.2. If you are in Windows, you can download the Niresh torrent which has a .raw Mavericks file and write that file to usb using WIN32 Imager tool which should be included in torrent.  


In Asus bios you gotta make sure to disable Secureboot and you also gotta disable Launch CSM, disable Fastboot disable PXErom in order to get Clover to boot.  I prefer Clover as I could not boot Chameleon at all.  Clover can also dual boot Windows 8, Linux and OSX.




Hybird drive 


for more specs see



Whats working 

Audio -  I used this Kext to get my Via 1802 audio working just fine.  Even though the Kext isn't specifically for Via 1802, it works well.  http://www.osx86.net/files/file/370-voodoohda-2-8-2-ml-for-via-vt  Make sure you don't have AppleHDA.kext or use the AppleHDA disabler kext before you install this Voodoo hda kext.


Graphics- Intel HD4000, this one is supported and with IntelCapriFB=3, you will get full graphics acceleration. (Configure Clover or Chameleon to boot with option 3 for Intel HD4000 graphics and that will get you full graphics acceleration.)  You can even game like I do.


Touchpad - Use Elan Touchpad Kext, I used the 3.5 but version 4 didn't work for me.  3.5 is perfect. IT SUPPORTS MULTI-TOUCH GESTURES TOO like 2 finger scroll. 


Internet - Although I have a USB Asus n10 wifi dongle, I don't like it's interface and it frequently disconnects plus reconnecting to wifi is hard so what I do is just tether the wifi signal from my Phone to my Laptop via usb using Horndis http://joshuawise.com/horndis 

If your android supports USB tethering, just connect your android phone or device to wifi and then turn on USB tethering and you are automatically online.  

Ethernet -  Use AlXEthernet.kext in this zip file link here to get Ethernet working.




Whats not working.  


AR9485 internal Wifi card which no one out there has a solution for. 


Asus touchscreen.  There is no Kext to get touch screen working and I am not fan of using touch screen to control my laptop anyways.  


For a nice USB WIFI DONGLE that works extremely well, here you go http://www.techlivewire.com/4995/f9l1001v1-belkin-n150-kext-working-for-mavericks.html


If you ever get prompted to update OSX, just make sure you backup all your kexts because in the past it has been known that Official Apple updates break Hackintosh so therefore have a backup plan ready.  


When you actually install OSX Vanilla to Hard drive and you need to boot without a USB, you gotta use disk utility inside osx to create an msdos partition on the ssd drive, installing bootloader to hard drive for someone reason doesn't get recognized by Asus bios so we will use SSD to boot the Hard Drive which contains OSX Mavericks install.  After you make it MS-DOS just drag and drop this whole EFI folder I am about to link to you in there and you should be able to boot fine without any USB.  If you got same laptop as me it is my entire Clover boot folder.  . https://mega.co.nz/#!Nst3lDzL!QnOF2qZUczSM4Ge_J53lEHiP339E__Gbhlui_53tK8E



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