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problem after installation


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Hello everyone 

I have a problem on my laptop with the following features: 

Intel Core I5 

Hard drive 128GB SSD, 

13.3 inch LED back light LCD 16:9, resolution 1366X768 

Memory 4GB DDR 3 RAM, 

Graphicals Graphics card Integrated Intel HD 4000, 760MB 

Wireless WiFi 802.11 B / G / N roadcom 4313GN Realtek PCIe FE family

Camera Built-in 1.3MP 

Integrated sound card 

Microphone and earphone connection 

Built-in microphone 

Internet Connection Wireless LAN, 802.11b/g/n 802.11b/gn ago 

External USB 2.0 ports × 2 

Built-in microphone * 1 

Power source connection * 1 

The three-in-one reads card * 1 

battery 19V, 65W, 3.5A 

8 core battery, polymer battery, 8400mAh

After installing Mavericks I don't know what I have to set on #####, I tried some settings but the computer goes very slow or sometimes it completly freeze. now I reinstalled mavericks, I would like to know how to set it to best please answer me as soon as possible


I have attached some pictures of my hardware 







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You need to check device ids with vendor and device codes, not just showing these.


Write down or screen captures these important devices:


CPU i5-model?

Graphics card -

Ethernet -




SDcard reader - some work, some don't.


Get the device ids, then search to see if they're supported with Mac OSX, if not then, replace them.





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how do I know if the graphics are alright? seem to you but I do not know if it could go faster.
I need help with the audio, iCloud app store and imessagge, trackpad, bluetooth, camera, Ethernet, SD card reader, HDMI and VGA

but I think the most important is the sound, if you could help me with everything would be great!

I enclose a check of my hardware system made ​​with info (now I mavericks installed). If you do not go well, tell me what should I do



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