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(10.9.1) Radeon Mobility x1400 on Lenovo R60 - Mavericks compatible ?


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Good morning to all !  :yes:


Quick question which I think will have a quick answer based on the previous research I have been doing.


I have a Lenovo laptop which has a Radeon x1400M.


I followed some guides and tutorials about the ATI framebuffer and the RadeonHD.kext and Radeon1000X.kext which have been adapted with EDID information and deviceIDs... However, this all seems to be obsolete with the new OS X 10.9. version. Is that right ?


Can the Radeon Mobility X1400 work with Mavericks ?


Currently, the only way to get the laptop to boot is with the options "GraphicsEnabler=No". When i try to boot with GE=Yes, I know the machine finished booting because I hear sound and stuff but I just have the last lines of the verbose boot displayed on screen...


Thank you for your time and answers  :P


EDIT : Sorry for the double post... :(

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