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Recommendations for coolant for G5 LCS


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Hi everyone:


My buddy gave me his Power Mac G5 2.7 Quad computer the other day. Since current versions of Mac OS X won't run on it, I am planning to install either Debian or Gentoo Linux on it, pop in an old 3Ware 8 port raid card and 8 x 500gb laptop hard drives. I will use this for a file/minecraft/media server for my home.


On initial teardown and inspection, I discovered that the system was water cooled, (my friend did not know this after 8 years of use), and that the water cooling system had been leaking for some time. It had lost about half of it's coolant, (the recommended fluid amount is 180 ml and I only drained out 83 ml). I have cleaned the system and I am ready to reassemble it, however I thought I would solicit opinions and recommendations for fluids. Apple's spec sheet calls for 66% distilled water and 33% glycol. Does anyone have any suggestions for a better coolant? 





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