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Why is 'safe mode' required after dual boot


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I added a second disk and use Chameleon 2.1 to dual boot Snow Leopard and CentOS.

Following a CentOS boot, I have to 'safe boot' (boot: -x -v) SL and then Restart.


I've now added Mavericks on a third disk and see that the problem exists even when

the second or third OS have no way of touching SL (the disk is unplugged). If I shutdown

SL, unplug its disk, boot Mavericks or CentOS, shutdown, power the SL disk then boot it

I still have to safe boot.


How does SL know that there has been some tampering and what is it unhappy about?

It must be getting something from the BIOS, but what and why?


(Mavericks doesn't seem to be affected in the same way, perhaps I should have posted

under the Snow Leopard forum)




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