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DSDT functions with Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H


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Can anyone advise me?


I have a Hackintosh (SL 10.6) build that uses a Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H with a XFX HD6870 Graphics card.

With this I have tried on many occasions to get the system to boot from HDD without any luck.

The hardware combination above was used because it was supposed to be compatible with Hackintosh builds. Am I wrong?


I have followed numerous tutorials and threads to see what is not right but each time I end up with the same.


My original Snow Leopard build was a couple of years ago when I was able to install and succesfully run using a well known boot disk loader.

I have the Hackintosh on a seperate hard drive which I switch in via a caddy. This I use also with a Win7 drive.


I have arrived at the point where I do not understand why my attempts are not working, I am a patient person but this is stretching me.


After many attempts at using a well known kext installer to load various kexts I decided to start again. My primary drive is partitioned in half and I use the second partition for Time Machine so I can always revert back to an earlier build.


My latest attempt involved fully erasing the primary partition and starting again. Installing a fresh copy of 10.6 from my installation DVD.

Once SL is installed I run a well known kext installer and select the downloaded DSDT for my mobo which is for the GA-H55M-UD2H F11.

I add System Utilities and nothing else.

I have nothing else connected which could interact with the build, all other drives and devices are disconnected.


My first question is, with the correct DSDT active should I expect the system to boot from HDD?

At this point I am not concerned about Audio or Network or anything else.


Looking at what the DSDT option should install I would have expected it to now boot from HDD, This is not happening.


I can still get into the system by using the a well known boot disk and have used this to try many options in a well known kext installer but all I seem to do is make it worse.


Can anyone confirm my understanding that when booting via a well known boot disk the kexts in the Extra folder are not used, only the ones inserted via the well known boot  disk?


I really have tried everything that I can think of but keep coming back to the question above about whether the system should boot with just the DSDT loaded?


At this point I do not want to upgrade to any of the later OSx versions as I want to understand this bit first.


I understand that I may not be using the correct utilities that are favoured on this forum and if I could find an alternative method that works I would change.


Can anyone help me with this as I am going round in circles.


Many thanks



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