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Mac App Store - iCloud - iMessage (I've tried all methods)


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Hi all.. 


I know you are thinking that there are a lot of posts talk about the same thing, but I've tried all the possible fixes, and no one works!

I can't log into Mac App Store, iCloud and iMessage.. 

I've also tried to format and reinstall, without success.


My ethernet card is broken, so I must use an usb wifi (D-Link G122, it's old but works very well). I've set my wifi as en0, used EFI studio, used Clover, deleted networkpreferences, but without success.



To "fix" the Mac App Store, i've tried to download the app in another hackintosh, copy the app to an usb, in order to use it in my mac but, obliviously, it asks for username and password and, when i put them, it gave me the "normal" error.


What should I do?!


Thank you :(

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Puoi parlare italiano con me :) No, lo provo subito e ti aggiorno, grazie mille :D


EDIT: Mi aiuti alla configurazione? Sono andato sul sito indicato, ma non capisco come scaricare il kext!

EDIT2: Fatto, ci sono 3 Kext, uno nella root della cartella (InjectorNullEthernet.kext), uno nella cartella Release (NullEthernet.kext) ed un altro in Debug (NullEthernet.kext). Ho installato i primi 2 e sto riparando i permessi, ti aggiorno!



EDIT3: nulla da fare, non funziona..


I don't know how to modify ddst or ssdt.. I've read Redame, but i don't understand what should i do..

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