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A Strange Predicament

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Somewhere, something has gone terribly wrong.

After installing OSX Mavericks everything seems to be running fine, bar a few hiccups. My Windows installation, however, has decided to stop playing nice and throw its toys out the pram. Now Windows will only boot if the SSD that it is installed on is the only disk connected to my motherboard, the second I try to attach anything it fails to boot.

Not only that, but the process of failing to boot is nothing like I've seen before. When another disk is connected it attempts to boot, it makes it to the Windows boot screen and then multiple mult-coloured lines appear at the top of the screen (similar to GPU artifacting). It will do this regardless of whether I start it in safe mode and the diagnostic tools think that nothing is wrong. Just to clear things up, this is not a problem that occurred immediately after installation, all drives were disconnected bar the SSD that I had designated to Mavericks. I was booting into Windows without a problem until fairly recently, and I have a feeling that it may be down to the NTFS driver I was using on OSX. To reiterate, I have OS X on a different SSD to the Windows installation, and everything was working perfectly a few days ago.


I have tried doing a system restore via Windows just to make sure that it wasn't a problem I had caused there, and everything appears to work perfectly when all other drives are disconnected, but simply not using my 4TB worth of data on Windows is simply not an option.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to what would cause this? I'm going to reinstall Windows today and see if the problem persists, but I really don't want this occurring again.


Thanks in advance.

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