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First Hackintosh build HELP!

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Hey everyone,


I need someone who can help me with my Hackintosh Mavericks PC. I started a week ago building Mavericks on a Asus p8p67m pro.

Here the steps i already made: 

- Created a myHack Mavericks Install USB on my MacBook

- Installed Mavericks on the PC without any problems after deciding to use a Geforce GT610 instead of my old ATI HD4350

- Then i created a smbios.plist with chameleon wizard and afterwards my own SSDT with RevoGirls script

- Afterwards i created my own DSDT with DSDT Editor: Fixed all the Errors and Warnings (hopefully i did this right :-)) 

  Wanted to upload them, but i am not allowed to???


- Afterwards i installed the Audio driver and lan driver with #####. Lan works without any problems, but the onboard     sound does not work (not that bad because i use a a Saffire pro 24 firewire which works without any problems)


- Also sleep mode and USB 3.0 does not work: hackintosh goes to sleep, awakes but gets stuck on black screen. I have read about bios updates for my motherboard for working sleep mode etc. but i think i do not want to update my bios for now


I also have seen a fakesmc problem, when i run sudo dmesg.


I hope someone can help me, with my problems.

sudo dmesg.pdf

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You make a good progress, but need some adjusts...


If you want read more about Sandy Bridge power management: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/295587-power-management-for-sandyivy-bridgehaswell-cpus

Just to see if you make the right thing...

SMbios12.2/12,2 i believe be right to you.


To audio i advice VoodooHDA 2.8.4: http://sourceforge.net/projects/voodoohda/files/VoodooHDA-v284.zip/download

Remove AppleHDA.


USB 3.0: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286860-genericusbxhci-usb-30-driver-for-os-x-with-source/

Donwload and install the kext....


Sleep problems is always related with bad power management or some kext that didn't load... see if kext AppleLPC is loaded


Install this FakeSMC: http://olarila.com/files/10.8/HWSensors/FakeSMC.kext.zip

Update cache after install

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Thanks for your Tips!! 


- For USB 3.0 it worked great


- With the VoodooHDA 2.8.4 it only shows HDMI Audio


- The SSDT doesn't work! If i use DropeSSDT=No then i get stuck at boot screen

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Sorry i explained it wrong :-)


I created the ssdt the way you told, but if i use Dropssdt=Yes i get stuck at the boot screen with "AppleKeyStore starting". 

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Sorry man... i was very busy, so...

But now, i edit your DSDT and everything is working...

Try this DSDT: DSDT.zip

Let always DropSSDT=No checked...

Other thing... only to you know, you can upload files via forum, isn't necessary use other host... but anyway, zippyshared is very fast to acess...

Good Luck!

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I am having problems installing with amd. I know i need amd kernel and i can only use clover because of the uefi board. i am not sure where to put the kernel. i have tried mavericks and couldnt even get to a boot screen. i got a little further with mountain lion but then during boot got "error loading drivers" Please help. I have hp amd a10-5745m apu.

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Hey PimentelX86,


Thank you for the DSDT but if i use it the computer boots fine but my USB mouse doesn't work anymore??

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