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iPhoto disaster


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Okay, after spending a few hours on this on previous days, and 10 hours on this today, I feel a little lost and am hoping you will help a noob like me out!


Problem: iPhoto 9.4.3 on ML and L does not allow me to save a PDF, or Preview, and consequently, buy a book (program hangs). I have two installations trying to get this done: WMware running ML, and a Lenovo Thinkpad T500 running Lion.


More info: I may be giving up on the VM. This pains me, because a few years ago I got my wedding album done, purchased, and received with no problems with SL. I know it's possible!! I hope to proceed on at least one of these installations.
Key fact: I have proof of concept on the Lenovo installation: building/previewing/pdfing a project works until I hit iPhoto 9.4. 9.1 works, 9.3 works, updates to 9.3 work. Unforntunately, I designed my book in 9.4.3 (ML) before I attempted to Preview/PDF it (which failed - program hangs).


I have researched downgrading my iPhoto library, but I learned I will lose my prepared book.


Question: Has anyone had iPhoto 9.4.3 successfully order a book/card/calendar or am I attempting the impossible and I should re-do my project in a 9.3 environment (if that even allows orders...)?


Thanks for reading!

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