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Problems running external 2560x1440 monitor with MBP 15"

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The short question


Is there anyway to make a monitor with a faulty EDID (QNIX 2710LED 2560x1440 monitor) work with a 2013 MBP? I am using a thunderbolt to dual DVI adapter for the connection.


The long question


I've bought a QNIX 2710LED high res (2560x1440) monitor. Due to the high res, that monitor only runs on a dual-link DVI input. It works beautifully when plugged in into my desktop running windows. But when using the thunderbolt to dual dvi adapter on the MBP, the screen displays random testing patterns, and there are no resolutions to choose from inside SwitchResX.


I retrieved the EDID information from the monitor on windows, and it seems that the problem is that the monitor does not send the correct EDID ranges. I fixed the EDID file with the corrected ranges, and did an EDID override in the mac by overwritting the DIsplayID file.


With that, instead of the test pattern, I get a scrambled screen, and SwitchResX displays resolutions up to 1080p. I believe that if I can manage to get the monitor to display 2560x1440 it will work fine, since that's what the timings in the EDID are set to, but SwitchResX displays 2560x1440 as "invalid". I have tried to manually set the "scale-resolutions" in the DisplayID plist, but those resolutions do not show either.


I have two theories why that is not working: my range limits in the EDID are still wrong, which makes the MBP to invalidate the high res. Or, from what I've heard, Mavericks cannot do pixel clocks above 150hz, making it incompatible with such monitors.


This monitor uses a samsung PLS panel that is supposedly the same as the Apple Cinema ones. Would any of you guys be kind enough to provide the EDID for the Apple 27" display? I think that might provide me a clue for the correct timings.


Thanks in advance!

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