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The patched 10.4.8 updates don't install a new IOUSBFamily.kext.


Google Pacifist from Charlessoft and download it.


In OSX, insert your OSX install DVD and let it mount on the Desktop.


Use Pacifist to open the following file on that DVD: /System/Installation/Packages/Essentials.pkg


In the package, click on the arrows to follow this path: System -> Library -> Extensions


Find the IOUSBFamily.kext and click on it.


In the Pacifist toolbar, click on Install


When it is done, delete the following files on your OSX partition:



Repair permissions on your OSX partition using Disk Utility


Remove the DVD and reboot.

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This will not work because I cannot use my touchpad being as it runs on usb as well. i can access the drive in windows and replace the existing kext if someone would PLEASE attach the file. i can't do anything in os x as i do not know all the keyboard shortcuts, and am begining to wonder if. like windows, mac can be navigated without a mouse at all. so this fix will not help. please 4.8 IOUSBFAM kext!



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