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Logic 7.0 and Saffire: NOT WORKING! HELP!


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I'm becoming desperate here!!

I just purchased the Saffire interface which I (try to) use with a G4 1.25Ghz DP and Logic 7.0.

When I startup my computer the interface works properly and I can hear music from itunes through my monitors. When I start up Logic the connection gets lost and saffire prompts: "Firewire connection lost" or "Failed to boot DSP properly, disconnect, wait a few seconds and reconnect when Line LED-s are green". When I do this Logic tells me the audio device was lost. When I try to restart logic sometimes the computer just crashes completely or sometimes the whole thing starts over again. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone or something...!!

I updated to OSX10.4.8, I changed firewire sockets and cables and got the latest drivers for the saffire (v2.2).

From my point of view the problem seems to be in the Logic-Saffire connection. When I run Logic it recognizes the Saffire at the audio-prefs window. Also audio-midisetup application is setup correct (clock:device and sample rates 44.1).

To makes things complex, originally I ordered the new Saffire LE from the applestore bu they got me the original saffire instead (for the LE price, by accident) so I'm not to eager to return the unit....And since it works fine with iTunes I don't think the unit is faulty anyway....

Please help!!!

Thanks in advance, Thomas

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