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Gateway NV79 MacOSX 10.8


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I burned the iAtkos ML2 (Mountain Lion) on DVD and booted it on my Gateway NV79 Core i3 330M but it restarts, i used the -v to get the verbose, kindly take a look.


After failur of iAtkos ML2 i used iAtkos L2 (Lion) but my Notebook restart just in the middle of the installation where i need 7 more minutes for installation to be completed. I searched all forums and googled different keywords but didnt found any help full information for Gateway NV79! I also tried different boot flags like -x -v busratio=16 cpus=4


I also searched http://wiki.osx86project.org/ but failed to get the information for my hardware. My specs are


Motherboard: Gateway Model: NV79

Graphic Card: Builtin Intel HD

Processor i3 330M


Please Help


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