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External Monitor Support for Laptop - Intel HD Graphics 1st Generation


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Hi everybody!


This is my first post and I'm a brand new 'hackintosher' looking for some help having recently installed OSX 10.9 on my HP laptop.


I have (eventually) got my laptop LCD screen showing 1366x768 with QE/CI support but I've been going round in circles for days trying to get the display routed to my external VGA monitor in a resolution of 1680x1050 (which is the suggested setting for my Dell monitor).  I know the inbuilt graphics card can handle this resolution as I've been using windows at this resolution no problem in the past...


Having read various forums, I gather that I can't have both screens going at the same time (which is fine as I will only use the external VGA monitor) but I have no idea how to get this to work properly and I have tried various kexts with various setting to no avail...


I'm very new to the Mac world and still trying to figure out all the techno bits and bobs so be gentle with me and assume no knowledge :-)  I'm a Windows convertee in training!!


Can anybody help please?  system spec below.


HP G62 107-SA Laptop

Core i3-330m

Intel HM55 integrated graphics chipset


LCD monitor (1366x768) resolution

OSX 10.9 installed.

External Dell 22" LCD monitor.


Many thanks in advance




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